At the Chicago Law Offices of the Kamin Civil Rights Group, I understand the extreme emotional and financial hardships associated with wrongful convictions. Suffering an unjustified prison term and the related stigma of a criminal record can be daunting. If you were wrongfully accused and convicted of a crime, being exonerated, or proven innocent, may be just the first step in pursuing justice.

After you successfully prove your innocence, I can proceed with a civil claim against the person or persons responsible for your conviction. My Illinois practice is focused on helping the victims of civil rights violations.

Don’t settle for less than you deserve. My legal team can help you pursue justice and receive suitable compensation for suffering a wrongful conviction. Call me today at 312-322-0077 for a free consultation.

Investigating Your Conviction

As a criminal defense attorney, I know how to investigate your conviction, and can review and interpret police and prosecutorial conduct, evidence, and trial procedures. I can evaluate the facts of your previous trial, what was used to wrongfully convict you, in order to build a strong civil rights case.

My thorough understanding of proper procedures and protocols enables me to determine:

Caused By:

  • Witness identification mistakes
  • Faulty scientific evidence
  • Investigator/detective misconduct
  • Prosecutorial misconduct
  • False confessions

Rebuilding Your Life After Conviction

My law firm understands the family and money issues you may face after your release from prison. Being removed from society for significant time can create person dysfunction. You could also face an uphill battle due to a lack of up-to-date job skills. And with today’s technological advances, you could also suffer from extreme social stigma related to your arrest and wrongful conviction.

There is still hope for a bright future. Proving your innocence is just the first step toward a new life. I can help you pursue the justice and compensation you deserve for your wrongful conviction.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

Please call me right away to discuss your case. You can reach me at 312-322-0077.

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