At the Chicago Law Offices of the Kamin Civil Rights Group, I possess sophisticated understanding of the 5th and 14th Amendments, which outline and govern due process. With more than 15 years of experience protecting clients against violations of their due process rights, I can help you pursue justice for the burden of suffering a civil rights violation.

Violations of due process cases can be complex and difficult to prove. My experience as an Illinois criminal defense attorney enables me to evaluate the legal processes and procedures of due process as they relate to your arrest, trial or conviction. I can help ensure your Constitutional rights are protected at every stage of your case. I can leverage my extensive trial experience to help pursue justice for your civil rights violation.

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Typical Violations of Due Process

The most basic violation of due process is preventing someone from having a fair trial. While the right to a fair trial may seem simple, several factors can influence due process. Trials typically involve many people and significant technical information. Witness statements, evidence evaluations and trial protocols can all affect the outcome of your trial. If any one of these circumstances is tainted, your right to a fair trial may be violated.

Depending on your situation, you may face roadblocks. The law provides certain protections and immunities for law enforcement personnel. I can investigate your case to determine if you had an unfair trial and, if so, who was to blame for your unfair trial. I can evaluate the conduct and procedures of specific individuals, including:

  • Officers and supervisors
  • Prosecutors
  • Sheriff’s deputies
  • Scientists
  • Blood experts
  • Evidence analysts
  • Crime scene investigators

I can evaluate police records, evidence and procedures to help build a case for violation of due process. If the facts support it, I can also make a claim for malicious prosecution or wrongful conviction.

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