In Illinois, law enforcement personnel are authorized to use tasers under specific conditions. Unfortunately, even when used properly, you could suffer severe taser injuries.

At the Kamin Civil Rights Group, my legal team and I understand the medical and financial burdens you may face due to taser injuries. I am experienced in helping victims of taser injuries caused by law enforcement officers. I can help you if you experienced undue injuries, including:

  • Respiratory side effects
  • Heart problems
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Circulatory issues
  • Burns
  • Puncture wounds

If you suffered severe taser injuries, even if during a lawful arrest, I can help you pursue compensation. Call me at 312-322-0077 to discuss your case.

Civil Rights Violations

Unwarranted or abusive taser applications by police officers are considered civil rights violations. As an attorney who focuses on representing victims of civil rights violations, I understand how to formulate skilled trial strategies.

Police officers are trained to use tasers the same way as handguns, effectively aiming for your heart. Improper application can lead to death, serious bodily injury and significant medical problems. You could face expensive hospital and doctor fees, along with loss of income.

Proving Liability

Tasers can be lethal, even when police use them correctly. Police are liable when they use tasers improperly; the taser manufacturer may liable merely for making and selling such unreasonably dangerous weapons. As your lawyer, my goal is to help prove liability so you can receive suitable compensation for your taser injuries.

I can gather data about the taser and manufacturer to establish of liability. I can also discuss your medical condition with your doctor to help determine your long-term medical and financial needs. If a settlement offer is not sufficient or not in your best interest, I can take your case to trial.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

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