Police Misconduct:

  • Ollins and Saunders v. O’Brien et al. – Four teenagers wrongfully convicted and served fifteen years out of natural life sentence before blood evidence proved their innocence. The case settled for $8,000,000.00.
  • Rodriguez v. Woodall et al. – Man wrongfully convicted and sentenced to sixty years in prison until the eye witness admitted that the detectives coerced the identification.


  • Lane v. Hanover Park – Six minor children won a verdict against Hanover Park police officers who kicked down the front door and sprayed pepper spray into the living room. The court found that Hanover Park had a policy of entering houses like that, and the jury awarded punitive damages against the officers who sprayed the pepper spray into the living room.


  • People v. John Rhoads – Not guilty of strangling and drowning wife.
  • People v. Marcus Adams – Not guilty of armed robbery even though video evidence existed.
  • United States v. William Kapp et al. – Guilty of killing and selling endangered tigers.
  • People v. Jeremy Allen – not guilty of attempt murder in spite of seven eye witnesses, including two security guards.
  • People v. Giovanni Gibbs – Two Hinsdale police officers claimed Gibbs committed aggravated battery on them. After a thorough cross-examination of each of the officers by Mr. Kamin, Gibbs was found not guilty of aggravated battery and resisting arrest.  Mr. Kamin then sued the officers in federal court for maliciously prosecuting Gibbs as well as using excessive force against him.  The case settled quickly for an undisclosed sum.

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