At the Kamin Civil Rights Group, I provide dedicated representation for victims of civil rights violations inflicted by law enforcement personnel. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I have handled a number of cases in which police or sheriff’s deputies overstepped their authority, causing serious harm to my clients. Police brutality shouldn’t be tolerated or excused.

I am passionate about protecting your rights. Call me today for a free initial consultation at 312-322-0077.

Police and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Regardless of whether or not you committed a crime, you never deserve to suffer violations of your civil rights. Unfortunately, many people suffer due to police and prosecutorial misconduct. I can evaluate your arrest, trial and conviction for evidence of civil rights violations or errors. My goal as your lawyer is for you to receive justice and compensation for your injuries.

I have more than 15 years of experience helping victims of:

Representation at Every Level

At any point in the criminal process, I can step in. I have tried and won cases all over Illinois. Many times I have been asked to appeal a case tried by another attorney. Other times I have been asked to handle post-conviction petitions, or federal habeas corpus matters.

If you have been convicted of criminal charges at the state or federal court levels, I can help you pursue post-conviction relief. My dedicated Illinois legal team and I possess sophisticated post trial support experience.

I can help you appeal your conviction or sentence depending on the facts of your trial. I understand that the appeals process is complex, and will explain the appellate process to you as clearly as possible.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

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