People convicted of criminal charges have several post-conviction relief options available.

At the Chicago, Illinois, Kamin Civil Rights Group, I provide comprehensive post-conviction relief representation at the state and federal levels. I have more than 15 years of criminal defense experience and can leverage it to provide skilled appeals and federal Habeas Corpus guidance.

You may have the right to appeal your conviction, punishment or sentencing. Contact me to discuss post-conviction relief issues. Call me today at 312-322-0077 for a free phone consultation.

Appellate Support

I possess extensive appellate experience. I have handled appeals cases within the state’s five appellate court districts and before the Supreme Court. I know how to present the facts of your conviction within the appellate process. As your appellate lawyer, my goal is to file a post-conviction petition that effectively demonstrates your right to an appeal.

With more than 15 years of experience, I understand the complexities of the appeals process. An appeal involves in-depth legal review of your previous trial and writing and filing extensive legal briefs detailing judicial errors. Without a skilled appellate attorney on your side, you could face setbacks along the way.

Support at the Federal Level

If the state courts are not interested in correcting their errors, the federal courts will often correct the errors for them. Those convicted in state court frequently find themselves turning to the federal courts for help, normally by filing a petition for federal habeas corpus.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

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