At the Chicago Law Offices of Kamin Civil Rights Group, I have built a solid reputation helping victims of police brutality seek justice. I have been handling Illinois law enforcement misconduct cases since 1995, so I understand the pain, humiliation and undue stress you may be feeling.

Police are allowed to use force during an arrest. The challenge is proving that you suffered from unreasonable force or police brutality. Call me today at 312-322-0077 for a free phone consultation.

As a skilled criminal defense attorney, I have seen a sizable number of cases involving law enforcement misconduct. I have devoted a significant part of my practice to helping the victims of police brutality and excessive force. As your lawyer, I am committed to helping you receive justice: compensating you for your medical bills, lost wages, and emotional and physical damages.

Sophisticated and Innovative Investigative Techniques

Aggressive police procedures are not always considered a form of mistreatment. I understand how to investigate the facts of your case to help discover if your civil rights were violated. I can help you pursue justice if you suffered injuries caused by undue or unreasonable force during your arrest.

Victims of excessive force usually wait until their criminal cases are completed before pursuing civil claims. I understand how to properly preserve case evidence, and I can locate witnesses. I will investigate all other evidence that can help prove officers used excessive force.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

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