"If the police took you to Homan Square and would not let you make a phone call or speak to a lawyer, please give me a call. Together we can sue the police department and shed light on their crime. Then we will work to get the compensation you deserve, for your pain and suffering, as well as the money you lost."

Attorney Scott T. Kamin

Since 1995, the Kamin Civil Rights Group has helped people accused of crimes in courts from 2600 S. California to the Dirksen Federal Building, in matters ranging from murder to tiger killing.

If you or a loved one is charged with a felony in the Chicago area, call us immediately. Whether you are charged with a property crime, a sex crime, or a crime against another person, we will be there.

Once your innocence is shown, we sue the police for their brutality, your false arrest or your wrongful conviction.

In Illinois, police brutality occurs with alarming frequency. Regardless of the charge, police often make false arrests and cause physical harm while making the arrest.

At the Kamin Civil Rights Group, we possess sophisticated civil rights litigation experience. We understand how police officers, sheriff’s deputies and other law enforcement personnel often abuse their authority.

Police Often Cause Serious Injuries and Death

I understand correct police procedures. I have in-depth knowledge of your civil rights and how the police often violate your rights. I can evaluate your situation to provide upfront legal guidance. If your case has merit, I will help you pursue justice for civil rights violations.

Being charged with a crime doesn’t diminish your civil rights. Don’t tolerate law enforcement abuse. Call me today at 312-322-0077 for a free phone consultation.

I command an experienced legal team and significant resources. Together, we provide top-notch guidance for serious law enforcement abuses that result in injuries and death.

I understand that you may face expensive medical bills, lost wages and extreme distress due to police misconduct and brutality. I can help you receive justice for cases of taser injuries, excessive force, wrongful death and false arrest.

Criminal Defense Representation

I started my legal career as a criminal defense attorney and I will leverage my experience when I evaluate your criminal charges to create an effective strategy. I have real-world experience handling complex criminal cases, and I understand how to preserve evidence and present your case at trial.

My goal as your criminal defense lawyer is to help you minimize the consequences you face. I have extensive outside resources and an experienced staff on my side. Through in-depth investigations and effective trial preparation, I can help you pursue a better future.

Free Initial Phone Consultation

If you have been arrested or have been the victim of police brutality, call me right away to discuss your case. Call 312-322-0077, or send me an e-mail.



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